Friday, December 30, 2005


Well...Christmas is officially over at the Pillstrom house! Today Brady and I finished taking the Christmas tree down. Now we just wait until Tony has a day off to take the lights off of the house! I've given him a deadline! The good news of the day is that we finally decorated the bare wall in the living room! Let's see...we've lived here 1 year and one wall had nothing on it for that long! Dad got us a gift card from Kirkland's to buy two pics we wanted. They didn't have them last week when we went and we were pretty sad. Then we went back today and ended up buying something totally different! We got a mirror, 2 sconces, and an iron thing for the living room and three pictures for the kitchen! All for the same amount we were originally going to spend on two pictures! What a deal! Then to top off my day I got this really pretty bunch of flowers at Walmart that were 9.99 marked down to $3.00! What a day! Now I'm just really tired and my back is hurting pretty bad!
Brady is fighting a cold this week. We're planning to take it pretty slow this weekend and sleep a lot! I don't want to start the new year off tired! Well that probably won't actually happen but it could! In case I don't get around to updating the site this weekend have a very Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Isn't this the cutest big boy you've ever seen? Can you believe I have a kid that's old enough to be riding a bike? This was his big gift from Santa and he loves it! We even had to go buy him a new helmet because the one he has on in the pic is too small. Today he spent the afternoon playing with his friend Kierra from next door. They rode their bikes and played in the backyard. The temp was around 68 today.'s December!
Today mom shared with PJ that we would be naming the baby after him. He doesn't like the name Kaden. Too bad! I love the name and it's sooo cool that Brady picked it out! This weekend marks the 25th week. That means just 14 to go and I'm so ready. I look really pregnant now and I'm uncomfortable most of the time. The baby i s very responsive to Brady's voice. He gets very active when his big brother is around! I'm sure they'll be the best of friends!

Monday, December 26, 2005


Well it's finally over! The big day has come and gone and Brady P enjoyed the whole thing! Today I'm posting the cutest pic. This is Jack Greer! He's my best friend's baby and this was his first Christmas. I could resist a cutie in a cowboy hat!
This weekend was tiring! Mom came to town and she was sick. I'm glad she was able to be here! Brady adores her. Santa visited our house late Saturday night and left Brady a lot of fun. He got a bike, a light brite, a cd player, some movies. Uncle PJ bought him a Doodle monster. Mom gave him a Disney Sketcher. It's like a doodle pad but computer. He's been playing with that all weekend! He even slept in his big boy bed because Santa asked him too!
Oh...yeah...Candyland! We've played that a million times.

As for peanut we finally have a name that I can share with you! Kaden Patrick Pillstrom. Brady chose Kaden, and Patrick is my brother's name. I'm really excited that we finally have agreed on something. I read online that his heart beat is strong enough that if you put an ear to my belly you could hear it! We haven't tried it yet but that is really cool. We're just 15 weeks away from D-Day and I can't wait! Christmas next year is going to be so awesome! Two sweet boys and plenty of presents from Santa I'm sure!

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Has anyone noticed that I've been putting the wrong date on my posts? My brain is slowly being sucked out by this creature in my tummy! Who by the way has been running laps all day! He's getting to be big enough that I can actually see my tummy move when he does something!
Today we're cleaning the house because Gamma comes tomorrow and of course Santa comes in 3 more days! I'm completely done with my shopping though I still have to go to Walmart tomorrow and pick up Gamma's birthday cake. Brady wanted to get her a bat man cake but they were out of the stuff for it. So instead she'll be getting a SpongeBob cake. She'll like that one much better! In case you were wondering her birthday is Sunday!
I hope you have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas. I'll be back next week on the blog letting you know how we celebrated!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Wow what a weekend! Saturday we had a Christmas party with our friends. Sunday a party with our small group and then on Monday a trip to Build A Bear with Brady's friends from small group! I used to think Hell would be like an arcade. I now know it's a giant Build A Bear with thousands of screaming kids! I'm just kidding but not really! By the time we drove all the way hour... I was so exhausted and my ankles were so swollen. I was so stressed out that I was going to lose my kid. There were so many people and kids in there it's a gold mine for a chile molester! Also while we were there a lady walked past me with her kid and she reeked of Beer! I know that smell because it's what Rick smells like about once a week when we have to be at work early. Then I had to be at work early this morning and drive to Arkansas. Needless to say I'm pretty tired!
I'm including a pic of Brady tonight. This is his new batman costume he got at the small group party! The family that drew his name knew exactly what he would love!
Just 5 days until Christmas and I'm making it my personal goal to say "Merry Christmas" to everyone I see! No one is going to tell me I can't say that any more!

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Tonight we went to our old playgroup Christmas party! It was a blast. The kids played some games and exchanged gifts. It's fun watching kids trade gifts. Brady got a Superman DVD and he and his daddy were really excited! Then while the mom's were exchanging gifts one of the boys hit another in the nose and we had to pause for a nose bleed! These kids have been friends for atleast 3 years and this is the first time I can recall that anyone has hurt another and drawn blood. We all new it was coming eventually!
It was so much fun just hanging out with the girls. I really miss seeing them on a regular basis!
Peanut was very active today. Brady and I went shopping and then when we got home for our nap baby was hopping everywhere! I wonder what he's thinking in there! I'd like to know that would be sooooo cool if I had a camera in my belly and could see what he was up too when he's moving around! That's what someone needs to invent!
Well it's late and I'm tired!

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Tonight Brady and I have been making snowflakes on the computer. Mom sent me a website that you can make a snowflake and send it to someone! I'm not sure the sending part works but Brady and I have been enjoying seeing how creative we both are!
I'm suffering from indigestion. I didn't have it at all last time but for some reason when I eat I'm feeling yucky. And I'm hungry a lot. I know that happened last time because I gained so much weight.
I go to the doctor on Friday and I'm hoping to get some relief for my back. That reminds me I need to take my medicine before I head off to bed.
Only 11 days until Christmas. I'm going to finish my shopping on Friday I hope and we also have to order mom a Birthday cake. You know her b-day is the same as Jesus!
I had every intention of making tonight's blog all about the new Narnia movie but I'm just too tired. I'll get to that later!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


12 days until Christmas and just 17 weeks until baby is born! Boy am I ready for both! I'm so tired these days and my back is still giving me fits! I go to the doctor on Friday and hopefully she'll have a solution for me other than pain pills. They aren't even working any more.
Baby is really getting active these days. He's moving as we speak and it's so cool to feel that! Tonight Tony and I are going to see Narnia. I'll give you my thoughts later this week! Brady is going to his buddy's house so we get a night with out the kid. We're meeting one of the girls in my small group and I'm glad to get the spend the time with her out side of church! She's a great kid.
I plan to finish my Christmas shopping this weekend and actually wrap all of my presents. I have the ones I bought wrapped. This is bothering me because I'm usually done shopping and wrapping by now! I guess I'll get over it eventually!
My trainer left for France today to visit her inlaws. She hasn't been there in 5 years and they haven't been here in 3. She was excited and I hope she has a great trip. Please pray for her and her husband's safety. They will be gone for a whole month!
I'm including yet another pic of Brady. He's such a cutie I feel I can't skip using another picture!

Sunday, December 11, 2005


15 days until Christmas! Today Brady was posing in front of the Christmas Tree and I was taking pics with our new camera. Isn't he so cute in his big boy clothes? I am really enjoying this holiday season with him. He's so excited about Santa coming and Christmas shopping. He's so ready to give daddy his present that he can't stand it. Last week he told Tony what we got him. Kid can't keep a secret.
Today we went to lunch and Brady tripped over Tony's shoe and fell. He had his hands in his coat picket and hit the tile floor face first. he busted his lip and I was afraid he broke a tooth. His teeth are ok but his lip is pretty swollen. I took this picture before the big fall!
Brady actually got to feel the baby move the other night. We were sitting in the chair and he was in between my legs with his head on my tummy. Just when he got comfortable Peanut kicked him in the head. Brady sat up...looked at me...and said "Peanut just kicked me in the head!" It was so funny.
I'm finally at 22 weeks! Wahoo! 17 weeks until vacation. I say vacation...others call it maternity leave. I plan to not think about work for the whole time I'm at home which makes it a real vacation!

Thursday, December 08, 2005


I just want to tell you today that God is good! Last night at church one of my girls was saved. She's the one that I've been praying for...for a while now! It was awesome. She was the first to raise her hand right there in front of everyone! I couldn't have been more proud. I'm so excited to see how her life will change and how she will impact others lives! Please continue to pray for her...her name is Sammy. She will be faced with a lot in the next weeks and I pray that she will have the strength and boldness she had last night to stand up the the enemy!
I also want to tell you about another accomplishment...Brady P can color in the lines! I'm so proud of him. He's growing up so fast and he's so smart!

Sunday, December 04, 2005


What an awesome weekend! After having a terrible week at work Tony made sure to plan a weekend that was stress free. Saturday we had breakfast with Santa and Brady got his picture made. He actually sat in Santa's lap and told him what he wanted for Christmas. He told Santa he wanted a Doodle Monster and a Light Bright. The light bright is easy...The other is sold out everywhere! It's the cabbage patch kid all over again! I will find this toy if it's the last thing I do! When I was in the 4th grade the Cabbage Patch was the big toy. They sold out before my parents got one and it was 6 months later before I got my first. Hopefully we will get this toy...which will be a gift from Uncle PJ.
I'm 21 weeks and the count down has begun! Mostly because I'm ready to be on maternity leave. I'm feeling the little guy move all the time now. I love first thing in the morning when I wake up he's awake too. I just love laying there and feeling him swim around. If we only could pick out a name.
I was blessed beyond belief today at church. My girls and I are praying at the alter every Sunday. The first week one girl showed up. This week there were 5. I'm so excited. This Friday is our Christmas party and I think they will leave here blessed! A friend is sharing her testimony and we're playing games and even doing a craft! I can't wait!
Please pray for me this week that I can get through work with out having a nervous break down!

Friday, December 02, 2005


I had the most awesome dream last night! Pregnant dreams are so funny. I dreamed that I was at the hospital and I was holding the baby when Brady and Tony showed up. Brady was so excited to see his new little brother and he ran right over. We sat Brady in a chair and let him hold the baby for a few picutres. Brady was smiling so big and the baby looked up at him and smiled right back. Then I looked at both of them and they had the same face! Isn't that funny? I mean I'm hoping this one will look like Brady because he's so cute but they had the exact same face! Then when I got up this morning and was about to leave...i heard Brady making some noise and I looked over and he was cracking up in his sleep. Then he blew a kiss! I wonder what he was dreaming about! I'd love to get inside his head sometimes and just see what he thinks about! After a long...aweful day yesterday...this was a great way to start a Friday!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Well here it is...the count down until Christmas. I sit here checking my email and find one from a dear friend who sends out a weekly reflection to the girls she mentors. Today she reminds us to "Rejoice in the Lord." Isn't it funny how we get so tangled up in the world that we just forget something so simple as rejoicing in the Lord. I have been so caught up in the "why me's" lately that I haven't stopped and "Rejoiced in the Lord".
I will rejoice in the Lord while I'm pregnant for sure. I'm still suffering pain in my back but really enjoying the time first thing in the morning when I wake up and Little Pillstrom is very active. He's starting to move a lot in the day and it's great. Brady is all about being a big brother. This morning he woke up...gave me a hug and kiss...and said he had to give peanut one too! how cute is that?

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Whoa! What a night. I just gained a whole new appreciation for one of my girlfriends. I babysat three boys tonight for one of my good friends. Ages...5...3...9months...and Brady! She is one of the most calm, sane people in he world. I don't know how she does it! Brady kept the big boys busy and I was in charge of the baby. After he got over being mad at me for trying to get him to sleep I spent the last hour holding a sweet...sleeping baby while my little one kicked and bounced around in my tummy! I love babies! So hats off to all of you moms with more than one child! You rock and have all of my respect.
Baby Pillstrom...the kid who still doesn't have a name...was mega chilled today! He didn't really get going until tonight while I was rocking baby Nate. My killing me and so are my lower abs. I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks and I want to talk to her more about my back. I don't like relying on pain meds to get through this.
Please pray for Tony...he's going through a tough time with his family right now and he's really depressed about it!

Monday, November 28, 2005


It's back to the grind after two long weekends with the parents. Thanksgiving was fun and I need a day off to recuperate. Brady loved spending the weekend with his Paw Paw Jim, Gamma and Uncle PJ. He followed Paw Paw Jim all over the place wearing the boots he got him. He looked so cute in the cowboy boots and he acted like such a big guy in them. Yesterday mom and I took Brady to have his Christmas pictures taken. They were so cute. For the first time I actually got a christmas background. I usually get something neutral but I let him pick out the back grounds he wanted and he had so much fun doing it!
I think baby Pillstrom had a good thanksgiving too. He has been much more active the past couple of days and I love it. I can actually feel him if I put my hand on my tummy. Tony hasn't felt him yet but I'm not sure he knows what he's looking for. I'm suffering from really bad back pain. It's starting to go into my left leg and making it hard for me to walk. This happened last time but I think it's much worse now. Please pray for me that I will be able to continue to work during this next 20 weeks. Oh yeah...I'm 20 weeks now! Half way there! Wahoo.
I'm posting a pic of Brady and Uncle PJ from this weekend. Can you believe how much my brother has grown?


It's back to the grind after two long weekends with the parents. Thanksgiving was fun and I need a day off to recuperate. Brady loved spending the weekend with his Paw Paw Jim, Gamma and Uncle PJ. He followed Paw Paw Jim all over the place wearing the boots he got him. He looked so cute in the cowboy boots and he acted like such a big guy in them. Yesterday mom and I took Brady to have his Christmas pictures taken. They were so cute. For the first time I actually got a christmas background. I usually get something neutral but I let him pick out the back grounds he wanted and he had so much fun doing it!
I think baby Pillstrom had a good thanksgiving too. He has been much more active the past couple of days and I love it. I can actually feel him if I put my hand on my tummy. Tony hasn't felt him yet but I'm not sure he knows what he's looking for. I'm suffering from really bad back pain. It's starting to go into my left leg and making it hard for me to walk. This happened last time but I think it's much worse now. Please pray for me that I will be able to continue to work during this next 20 weeks. Oh yeah...I'm 20 weeks now! Half way there! Wahoo.
I'm posting a pic of Brady and Uncle PJ from this weekend. Can you believe how much my brother has grown?

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Black Friday!
It's one of my most favorite days of the year. All the crazy people come out just to find some bargains...and mom and I are right in the middle!
Our day started at 4am when we woke up and got ready to shop til we dropped. 1st Kohl's then Target and I'm proud to say I got everything I wanted that was on sale.
Others were not so lucky. A lady behind us at Kohl's said her cousin was at WalMart where tv's were on sale for like $50. The girl was trying to get a tv and two people were fist fighting. A man punched her in the face while trying to punch another lady. How crazy are these people?
Needless to say we were done by 8am and home asleep by 8:30!
Amazing... the past few years I was able to go all day. Baby on board makes me more tired!
Tonight at Judi's house baby was bouncing around like he is in a moon bounce. Judi tried to feel him but of all kids they stop performing when someone is looking! It's so weird...he pushes his head up against my belly button and you can actually feel his head if you touch my tummy!
Oh...just incase you were wondering...Brady is sleeping in his big boy bed and he got his Tigger toy today. Wahoooo!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


It's finally here! Thanksgiving and Brady P is excited. Gamma and Paw Paw Jim got into town last night and Brady showed off for about an hour before he passed out! This morning we're cooking dinner and waiting for the family to get here. Uncle PJ is coming from Texas and his flight was canceled this morning after he woke up at 4am to get here on time. So he's sitting at the airport waiting for the next flight. Dinner will be delayed a little bit because we want to wait on him but that's ok. I'm just excited that he's coming! Brady and Gamma are cracking pecans for the chocolate chip cookies that they are about to start making. Mom makes the best cookies and I can never make them as good as she does. I'm cooking the dressing and some other things. But right now I'm sitting here writing and watching my favorite movie...My Fair Lady. There's just something about this movie that gets me in the holiday mood. I guess because when I was in college I used to have to work the day before and after Christmas and I would always rent this movie because I would be home alone and it's a long movie. Oh the memories!
I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving and make sure you let those you're most thankful for know they are important to you!
God Bless you all!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


What a wonderful day! Today Brady and his class celebrated Thanksgiving with a party at school! It was so cute watching the kids tell Ms. Kim what they were thankful for. Brady said he was thankful for Jesus. I'm thankful that Brady knows who Jesus is.
Today was Brady's Grandma's birthday. Though he wouldn't sing to her on the phone he did sing in the car. We sent her flowers and Brady was really excited about that.
Also today was a great day because I'm really starting to feel baby Pillstrom move a lot. I'm really excited about that. We still haven't decided on a name. We have some great ideas just nothing for sure.

I have a prayer request tonight. A friend of mine sent me an email about her friend today. The friend was pregnant with twins. This week she lost one of them and they had to do a c-section to save the other one. He's 26 weeks and survived but he needs a lot of prayer. Thank you for being so awesome to pray for my friends.

Monday, November 21, 2005


Just 3 days until Thanksgiving and I thought this week I could tell you what I'm thankful for. Besides God's love, I'm thankful for my family. Tony is the best husband in the world and Brady's an awesome kid! I'm so thankful that I have been blessed with them both. I'm also thankful that baby pillstrom is healthy inside my tummy.
We spent the weekend with my dad and Brady had a great time. We went to "Ala-gamma" or as most say it...Alabama! We went to the space museum. Brady loved seeing the rockets!
I can't wait until Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2005


IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!
I just couldn't wait to tell you all! We went to the doctor this morning and had our ultrasound. Brady and Tony were in the room and Brady got to see his little brother on the tv. We are so excited. Still working on the name so I'll post as soon as I know!


It's almost here! The big day! Tomorrow at 10 am we will find out the identity of the baby. It's so funny that everyone is giving me their opinion if it's a boy or a girl! What do you think? I'm getting a lot of "it's a girl". It's weird but I'm thinking it's a boy. We'll see! I can't wait! Brady is really excited because he will get to see peanut on the tv for the first time. I think this will help him understand that there really is a baby in my tummy.
I'll make a post tomorrow and you'll all know!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I'm so excited that in just 3 more days we will have an identity for this baby! Today I was with my boss and he asked me if I had a feeling about the gender. And the crazy thing is I don't. With Brady I was for sure he was a girl because he had such an attitude. Even at such an early age he would push you away if you tried to feel him in my belly. This kid is quiet. I feel a stretch 3 or 4 times a day and that's it. I can already tell this one will have such a completely different personality! Does that mean it's a different gender? I have no idea. I'm just glad it's 1 and that Brady is so excited to have a brother or sister.
Please pray for my dad, he will be traveling to our house tomorrow from California.


I have been extremely blesses this week and I just couldn't wait to share it with all of you! First of all and simple prayer request has taken the pain out of my back for two days! Then after a visit with an old friend this weekend I got to talk to another old friend on Sunday. It was awesome!!!! She and I used to party together and I learned that she is going to church and even in the choir which is where she belongs! She's an awesome singer! I know that God has changed me in the past few years and I'm glad to see he's working in my friends lives too! Tonight I had a jewelry show and I was really tired and didn't want to go. He always puts us somewhere for a reason! The hostess and I got to spend some quality time and it was nice to talk to someone with out having to compare kids or talk about work. I just got to relax and hear how God is working in her life! That's why I feel he lead me to Premier.
I haven't heard much from baby Pillstrom today other than the occasional kick here and there. I was told that pregnant Tobie is now saying some shocking things. Like the truth. I can't be bogged down by stress from my job any more! I will put God first then my family and then my job. Some people don't understand that but He does and that's all that matters!
2 days until dad comes to town and 4 until we can name this kid something!
I'm thinking a pink and brown room if it's a girl. I have this ribbon with leopard print that is pink and brown and i love it! I think that might be the way I"ll go. Or just something blue!
Today's pic is from the collection of Brady the spider. Please don't be scared he's just making a face!

Monday, November 14, 2005


This morning in church we learned God's word about being a shelter during the storm. Isn't it so easy to get caught up in our own worries that we sometimes forget that others around us are struggling with a storm of their own?
I am currently just getting out of a storm and I'm very happy to be out of it. I am enjoying a 3 year old that has a mouth that never stops running. And a new baby that is kicking away in my tummy as we speak. I'm so excited a lot will be going on here the next couple of weeks. Dad comes to town Wednesday and on Friday we get to find out what the baby is. I'm really looking forward to giving this baby an identity. Plus I'm ready to start making stuff with my monogram machine! Next week is Thanksgiving and I think everyday I will post something I am thankful for.
*****I am thankful for Jesus who died on the cross for my sins. That he battled the worst of all storms so that I could live in his kingdom for ever. ***********
Please continue to pray for Lori.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


WHOOOOOO! PIG SOOOIE!!!! I just had to express my excitement! Tony and I went to the Hog game in Oxford today with a couple of friends. It was awesome! Well what I actually saw of it. We were sitting in the visitors section which is, of course, in the sunlight most of the game. Hello it's November and we were sweating our butts off. Not to mention pregnant on bleachers is horrible. Lori, I don't know how you did it earlier this season! was a great game. We actually had a defense guy intercept the ball and run for a touch down. I always go to a game expecting to see something spectacular and I got it 4 times. The game ended Hogs 28...Rebs 17! Well worth $40 and the soreness I'll experience tonight and tomorrow!
Oh..the coolest thing, my friend Jon from Fayetteville brought Brady P. and huge surprise...He got him a pig nose and a Hog hat! Brady was so excited and has been singing the fight song all day!
Baby Pillstrom is already a Hog fan. He/she got pretty excited a couple of times. Well that was probably just me jumping out of my seat and the baby responding to the sudden movement! I think one time I was actually standing on my seat screaming! What a great game. I'm so glad Tony and I got to go and spend a kidless day of fun!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


TGIT! It's been one of those weeks where I have felt the weekend would never get here! I have holiday fever and can't seem to concentrate on anything else.
I think baby feels my excitement too. He/she has been busy the past three days and I love it. I was sitting in an appointment today and couldn't concentrate because baby was busy swimming around. It's so cool! The only uncool part is I'm so hungry! I think this baby is hitting a growing spurt because as soon as I eat...I'm hungry again. Speaking of hungry...Brady P. seems to be eating a lot more these days. He wants everything and then some. I know he needs to gain some weight but it seemd like he eats and it disappears. He's bones!
8 more days until we find out pink or blue. Everyone seems to want a girl. I'm neutral...I just want to know.
Please continue to pray for my friends Lori, Amy and Rachel. They are all dealing with health issues and I know they appreciate your prayer.
Oh yeah!!! GO HOGS GO!!! Two days and I'm hoping my team wins a stinking game because I'll be there and can't stand to lose!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


It still amazes me the ups and downs of pregnangy. I wake up this morning feeling fine...this afternoon back hurts and headache. I'm not too sure about all of this. The good news is that apparently you forget how aweful you feel during pregnancy. If you didn't you'd never have more than one! Even though I feel bad today I'm still enjoying peanut moving a lot today. He/she seems like it's getting more active. I love that. The baby movement is my most favorite part of this whole process. I also like Brady's interest in a new baby. Last night Brady told me that he and peanut were going to share his big boy bed. I'm pretty sure that will all change when the baby actually gets here.
I'm counting down the days until we find out what we're having. I can't wait to go shopping. Mom and I always go shopping the day after Thanksgiving and I'm excited to buy some baby stuff on sale! Let's hope that Peanut wants us to know it's identity.
That's enough for today!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


It's Tuesday...three more days until the weekend. This weekend Tony and I will be heading south to Oxford to watch the Razorbacks. Let's hope they pull out a miracle and actually win. I'm pretty excited because I've never been to Oxford for a game. Brady will be hanging out with his friend Hannah.
Looking for baby news? Not much to report. Baby didn't have much to say until this afternoon. Then all of a sudden it was like "Hello!" And it's been cheering since! I'm really excited that in 10 days we will find out if it's a boy or girl. Today Brady said he wanted 5 brothers and sisters. What kind of crazy person says something mean like that? I'm sure he'll change his mind after this one arrives. Right now he's King Braden. "Push Play!" "Fix me something to drink." Blah blah blah!
King Braden has requested that I continue to post pictures of his spider costume! Isn't he cute?

Monday, November 07, 2005


Brady and I are sitting here watching the Titanic. He said he would like to ride on that boat! He hasn't seen the end yet! :) I love having a 3 year old who talks like he does. Tonight we were riding in the car talking about everything God made. "Who made the sun...moon...grass..." And I asked him where God lives. He said Hernando. I said yes he does. But he also lives in our hearts. Brady said, "no silly that's peanut living in your belly." Where does he come up with this stiff. I can't make this up!
Speaking of peanut, he/she was not very busy today. A little kick here and there. Pretty quiet. Only 11 more days until we find out if we'll be buying pink or blue. I'm pretty excited. My dad will actually get to go to the appointment with us and so will Brady. Last time mom and Ouida were with us to find out Brady was a boy.
I have a few prayer requests: My back is hurting really bad and causing me not to be able to sleep. Please pray for my girlfriends: Lori, Amy and Rachel. They are all struggling with health issues and could use the prayer!
I hope you had a blessed day!
Oh in case you're wondering, this is Brady and Kiera our neighbor. This picture was taken on Halloween.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Welcome to my new blog. I've been wanting to keep a baby journal for my out of town family and just found out how to do it! I hope you enjoy this second trip down parental lane. I will share news about the baby and of course keep you all up to date on the funny moments of Brady P, who is currently taking his Sunday nap which for some reason always takes more than 2 hours! Hurry up dude! I'm hungry!
Not much out of Peanut (baby Pillstrom) today. A couple of kicks here and there. Yesterday he/she (still don't know) was a cheerleader! Kick...2...3...4! You know how it goes! I'm looking forward to the next two weeks because we have a lot going on around here! A Razorback game, G-Daddy visit, find out what the baby is, Thanksgiving with Gamma, Paw Paw Jim and Uncle PJ, and a visit from grandma. Of course they are all separate weekends! Brady is so excited!
Oh, one last thing about my blog page. I believe you can post your own thoughts here too! So please feel free to send me messages too!