Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today's Shopping Trip

I know you've been wondering how the couponing has been going! I have been organizing and clipping and purging for the past few weeks and I'm finally organized! Today, I went to Walgreens loaded with coupons and a list that was ready to save!
My first purchase, Dixie plates. They were $3.99 buy one get one free. I used two $.50 off coupons so the final cost for two was $2.99.

Next on the list, Off clip-on starter

This was a great buy! Normally $9.99 but on sale for $8.99. In the Walgreens coupon book, I used a $2 off plus a $2 off manufacturer cost $4.99.

Noxzema had a great deal this week. Razors on sale from $2.99- $5.99. Then on top of that, they were buy one get one free. I used a $2 off coupon on the $2.99 kind.

Had I had two coupons, I could have gotten them for free...but I could only find one so I ended up paying $.99 for two!

Lifesavers...not something I would spend money on normally but you know...if there's a deal...well. I used a buy one get one free coupon so that made them two for $2.29. Then in the Walgreens coupon book, I used a $1 off. Total cost for two...$1.29.

Last but not least...Scrubbing Bubbles. This was a great deal, too! The starter kit was on sale for $7.99 + $2 in register rewards = $5.99. I used a coupon for $5 off and ended up paying $2.99....but it's like paying $.99! I love that!

I got a few other things and used a register reward from the past and walked out paying only $8.24! I love it!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Shopping Trip

As promised, I am sharing my recent trip to Kroger with my savings! I shop for 4 people for two weeks at a time. My goal (and I'll keep you posted) is to feed all four of us for $100 for two weeks at a time. I plan to meet this goal by the end of the summer!

Here are some recent stats. Last trip (two weeks ago) I bought 135 items for roughly $290. After coupons and kroger savings, I saved $95 on that receipt. That was down from the trip before.

This week, I made my list and stuck to it. I find myself finding things not on the list which add up! Here are the stats from this week's trip. I bought 165 items for $260. That's 30 more items and $30 less. Yay! I also saved a whopping $125 with coupons and kroger savings! I about fell out in shock!
The key to saving money is to stock pile in the beginning. Once you stock up on things it makes the trip to the store less and less each time. So, and hopefully this doesn't look like I'm bragging or being weird...but I took pics of my cabinets, freezer and fridge after my trip this week.

I bought 4 hot/lean pockets because I had coupons (cats from the register) that saved like $2 when you buy two. I usually use a paper toaster strudle that gets doubled and cell fire and that gives me about $1.25 in savings on two.

I had two save $1 on Yoplait delights (in the back of the fridge) and they were like $2 each. I also had a coupon that gave me $1.50 off bread when I bought 6 yogurts. I love that i was able to stack that with a buy 6 save 40 cents (then it was doubled)

I bought 4 cereals from general Mills like $1.00 on two (I had two of these) then if you bought 4 General Mills you got $4 to spend on your next trip. So, technically I saved $6 on $12 worth of cereal. And yes, in two weeks it will be gone. You will notice a fifth box, Tony eats Post Rasin Bran and no, I didn't have a coupon!

I love this pic because there are so many times that I have bare cabinets because I didn't get enough for two weeks. I'm pretty stocked up on things like Hamburger helper and soups that I can cook with. The meat marinades were a great deal. I had a cat that if I bought 2 I saved $1 on next trip, 3 I save $2 and 4 I saved $3. I got three.
I almost forgot...Pillsbury had two deals. Cinnamon rolls and biscuits were 10 for $10. I had several coupons that were buy two save 40 cents. These double. So, I bought 6 for 60 cents each. You can use up to 8 of the same coupon but you have to buy the exact amount. Then They had a thing if you bought 4 you got $3 on your next trip! So, I got a really great deal on those!

I tried to take some pics of my receipts but they didn't turn out! I hope you enjoyed this week's trip!