Tuesday, February 27, 2007


(Kim, Teresa, me and Kaden jumping in the pic! He's so funny!)

(Zach and Kaden)
All I can say is WOW! We hosted 10 high school boys all weekend. I loved it! They were crazy. I realized that I really am a boy's mom! I thought I was so girly but I love the attention that boys give their "mom"! These boys had a blast and Brady P was right up in the middle of it all. They helped my with Kaden and even cleaned up after theirselves. I love them!

(The boys during their lesson at our house)

The best part of the weekend was Saturday night. The college guys came over and prayed over our guys. It was awesome to see guys on their faces praying for their friends. I was overwhelmed! I just wanted to cry all night. Then our guys turned around and prayed for Tony and me! Wow! (Bro. John praying over Trey. He was one of our boys)

(I love it when the youth worship)

Our Boys!

Top: Ivy, Tony, Chase, Zach, Chris, Wes, Ryan, Sam

Bottom: Andy, Tobie, Ryan, Jesse

God really spoke to my heart this weekend. As you all know I'm so not a merciful person...but I for some reason now have a heart for the lost! Not just lost souls but also the children in other countries who are parentless. You know I've been saying that I want to adopt from China...well I know this is something God wants for us too! I will continue to pray for guidence with this! It will be a while before we are ready! But I know it will happen!

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I love how awesome God is! Today, Brady woke up and started throwing up. It was not the best timing on his part. But, now I know what's going on. I started praying immediatly because we have a big weekend planned with the youth at our church. We will have 10 high school boys at our house all weekend and something BIG is about to happen. Well...what does that mean? The enemy is trying his best to keep that from going on! So I have news for him!!!!!!! Not at my house! I called my girlfriends who are also my prayer warriors...we started praying. I have prayed in every room of this house and guess what...Brady's feeling better! I know my God is good! That's all I have to say about that. I'm posting some new pics of the boys!
Please pray for us this weekend! God is going to be doing something very big!!!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


The Festival of the Continents has arrived at our church! It's a week and a half long celebration of God's work across the globe! We pray for the lost in world and we get to learn about foriegn lands. Friday night we ate food from Cuba and Romania. What a combination.

(Brady at flag practice and the two of us Sunday morning at church)

(Brady dancing and carrying the flag)

Today, we heard a pastor from Cuba talk about spreading the news to the lost and we had a flag ceremony where we displayed flags from all over the world. This is a pic of Brady carrying the Brazil flag. He represented our friends the Isbell's who are missionaries in Rio. Check out their website. www.isbellfamily4jesus.com We love and miss them so much! Please pray for us this week. We will be going to many events and hosting 10 high school boys for our Passion Now weekend! I'm so excited.

The last pic is just cute of Kaden so I had to add it!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Well it's here! 32! Today I turned 32! I learned that I am exactly half my mother in law's age...and the same age she was when Tony was born! That means I will be her age when Kaden is Tony's age! Wow that's a lot to digest.
Today was an awesome day! I woke up to three awesome boys telling me how much they love me and Happy Birthday. I also had a couple of great appointments at work today and that was a great present.
Then tonight we had an amazing prayer night at church. We prayed over our missionaries and students. It was just awesome.
Thanks for praying for us today and all the well wishes!

Monday, February 12, 2007


32...in just 2 days I will be 32! Can you believe it? When I was little I thought you died when you turned 30. Now, I'm going to be 32! I'm married...two kids...and I'm 32! Wow! Who would have ever thought that God would bless me with 32 years on this earth to serve him. Well, I haven't been serving him for that long but he put me here for that reason.
I never thought in a million years...ok...in 32 years that I would have a wonderful relationship with my Lord and Savior...that I would have the best husband on earth and that God would allow me the priveldge of being a mother of the most handsom and wonderful boys here on earth!
So, I say thank you God! You are the most amazing, soverign, loving Father any girl would be honored to have!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I'm dreaming of a white birthday? Of course I am!!! It always snows here in February! I'm watching the news right now and they say it's snowing! I'll have to go look in a few minutes. This afternoon, the boys and I went outside to catch snow flakes! I took some pics just in case it's the only snow we get this year! You know I scrapbook and need the picutres!
Well...tough love has worked with baby number 2! On Monday I decided that Kaden was going back to his own bed. So, after 15 minutes of crying...he went to sleep. Night two was the same. Last night he went to bed at 9 and slept until 8 straight! And then tonight...He's in his own bed and no fussing! Wahoo!!!! I did it! Ok...I won't brag anymore because it'll come back to bite me for sure! Well, we're hoping for a snow day tomorrow! What do sales reps do on snow days? I guess I'll find out tomorrow! I'll post some snow pics soon!