Thursday, August 16, 2007


He's finally 5 and he's actually going to kindergarten! Can you believe my little boy is that old? I'll post some pics this weekend I'm just too tired right now!
So, Brady headed off to school on Monday with his daddy. He walked to class and that's all she wrote! Tony didn't cry and neither did Brady. He said he loved nap time and the bus was awesome!
Yesterday was cool too. For the first time ever Brady actually celebrated a birthday at school. We sent some gummy worms and stickers. I didn't think he's make it with cupcakes! So, he gets on the bus...and misses his stop. It was the first time to ride the bus to school and he didn't know where to go. Then my friend Hollie walked outside and saw him standing alone with no adult. She called Tony and he freaked out! Apparently, he was with a coach who stopped to help someone cross the street. Never fear...He made it to class and all is well. Tony talked to the bus driver this morning and she is going to make sure he gets off at the right stop from now on!
I can'tw ait for the weekend. I'll update you on my news in a few more days!