Thursday, June 14, 2007


I'm a day late with this one but Happy 14 Month brithday Kaden! I've been going through a lot these past few weeks. Sorry I'm so late in blogging. Let's see...I lost my job last week so I'm staying home with the boys until I can find something else. I took my Praxis test on Saturday and I feel like I did really well. Hopefully that will lead to a teaching job this fall!
I'm really enjoying my time off with the boys! We've been haning out, cleaning, swimming and even going to VBS. By the way Brady loves going to school so much I might have to find him another VBS for next week!
I'm adding some pics to get you up to date.

The fam at the Red Birds game last month!
Kaden is a puppy dancing at the Children's Museum
Brady is the pony!
Brady won a trophy for playing TBall this year! It's his first trophy and he is so proud!
Kaden didn't get a trophy and of course he's mad about it!