Thursday, April 29, 2010


Tonight, I went to Walgreens to spend my register rewards before they expired. I ended up getting several things and just paying $2.25. Thisis a great place to start if you're wanting to learn how to shop for free.
Basically, this is how it works...A couple of weeks ago, I bought several things at Walgreens totaling roughly $40. I received $17 in register rewards. So, technically, I only spent $33. Register rewards are tickets that print at the register that are worth different dollar amounts. You can then use those tickets (or cats) at Walgreens on items in the store. The trick is to buy things that will give you another register reward. ( can't use it on the same thing you got it for in the zyrtec gave me $7 last week and I can't get more zyrtec with that cat and expect to get another one. Does that make sense?)
So, tonight this is what I bought: Stayfree maxi pads $2.99 with $2.99 reg rewards= free. Skintimate shaving cream $2.99 with $2.99 reg reward = free. Sudefed buy two and get $5 in reg rewards. Each was $4.99. I used a buy 2 get $5 off coupon. = Free.

Then I had a coupon for buy one get one free on tampax
so that was 2 for $2.50...oh and I bought a coke. I used my $17 reg rewards from the last trip and left there with $11 in rewards that expire 5/13.
There are so many different places you can find this information that it's a little overwhelming. But I'm having a blast buying things for free! I've been working on sorting all of my coupons and putting them in a binder. I just bought a three ringed binder and baseball card pages. Then I have been alphabetizing them and it's taking me forever. My goal is to shop for two weeks worth of groceries for less tham $100 by the end of the summer. We'll see how that works out!

Friday, April 16, 2010

My New Obsession

I have a new obsession! It's fun, challenging, and exhilarating! And the best part of my new obsession....It's saving me a lot of money! What is it you ask? Click HERE or HERE to see what I'm talking about! I've been learning the ins and outs of couponins! I's big business. I've started getting organized...which by the way is the hardest part. But It's been so much fun! The two links are blogs that I've been reading with all the secerts on one page! I love it! I'll try to post my savings from this weekend so that you all can see how amazing it is! The past two trips to the grocery I have saved more than $100 each trip! And I'm told the savings add up even more the longer you do it!