Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"You can drive in Texas?"

One of the things I love about being a teacher is having the summer off! I know, I know...it's really the only thing I love right? No...I like my students too! (sheepish grin) Last summer, the boys and I spent everyday at school while I was sponsoring the dance team. They hated every minute of it! So, I promised them that this summer would be all about them. The first week and a half were spent at the YMCA...I guess I need to take my camera sometime so you can see how much fun they have. And this week, we are in Texas...well, two weeks (and yes, Tony is hating every minute of us being gone this long!)

So far, we have eaten at PJ's new restaurant. Find his blog
HERE And yes, those are s'mores! My brother is the chef at this amazing restaurant called Bin 555 and it's really nice (not a place to take my little monsters) and we have amazing food and then he brought out s'mores! Funny thing is that it made sense with the restaurant!

We took the boys to one of my favorite places in San Antonio which is the Sunken Gardens. It's so beautiful there and I just love taking pics of the boys. I've already posted many of the pics on my face book but I had to put these two on here!

I may be a little biased but they could seriously be supermodels! Look at those faces! Now, if I could just get them to act as good as they look in the pic!

This weekend we are headed to the coast (and no..there are no oil issues in Texas). I've used a lot of () today haven't I? Sorry, something shiny!

Lastly, I needed to write down a few of the funny things they kids have said on this trip:

*While driving up to my mom's work, Kaden said, "Where are we doe-ding?" Me- "To Gamma's work" K- "Gamma works at Texas?" Me-"yes she works IN Texas." K- "Wow! I didn't know you could drive at Texas!" Apparently, he thinks my mom's work is called Texas.

*Mom has SYNC in her car and it hooks the phone up and talks to you and stuff. Mom to the car "Services" Car-"You said services, please say your service need." Mom "..." Brady interrupts "Go to the bathroom!" Car "I didn't understand your request" Me "bhahahahahah!" Guess you had to be there!

Kaden's conversation with Papa Jim last night. K "What is that?" J "nuts...you want some?" K "No, I only like M&M's nuts"