Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Once again no pictures. For some reason this thing isn't letting me upload anymore. I really need to check into that. But I can still update you on what's been going on here!
Brady has been sick since Friday. We went to the doctor on Saturday and found out he has strep throat. So we have been cooped up at home waiting for him to get better. The only thing, he's not gettting better. He kept having a fever and so we went back on Monday. They said he was on the turn around and keep a watch on the fever. Yesterday he broke out in a rash all over. So, we went back today. The doctor tested him for mono and it came back negative. However, the doctor is pretty sure he has it. So, now we're just watching the fever and the rash and leaning on God to take care of things.
When we got home, I told him I would ask all of my friends to pray for him and we would see God do a miracle. So, we sat down and prayed and I'm really hoping that he will be free of the Rash by tomorrow. I would love for him to physically see how praying works. That would be so cool for him to witness a miracle like that! So, please keep him in your prayers!
Kaden went last week for his 2 year chrck up with the cleft lip doctor. He got a great review! He's growing just fine and they want to just watch and see how he grows. He may not need anymore surguries on his lip! Wouldn't that be great. We also saw a dentist and she said he has two extra teeth and they should fall out just like the others. They want him to see a dentist to make sure he doesn't have extra premanent teeth. If so they can fix that problem!
Two more weeks until school starts! I'm so excited I love school!