Thursday, October 16, 2008


So, let me ask this question...does this kid look like Kaden? This is a pic of my little brother when he was Kaden's age and my grandmother thinks he looks just like PJ. You decide.

This week was Fall Break and we went to the zoo. I thought you would enjoy seeing how much the kids have grown. Also, I'm loving the new baby at the zoo! There's giraffe. And Kaden loved the gorilla.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


In an effort to keep up on the blogging, I downloaded some pics from my phone to post. The first one is of Kaden a few weeks ago at the doctor's office. He learned how to use my phone that day and now I have tons of pictures of his feet and hands! The second pic is Brady and me on the first day of school! And the last one is Kaden one night when he fell asleep watching tv. Isn't it funny he would fall asleep with the cup in his mouth! He's such a redneck!

So, I realized that I mentioned my foot and didn't tell you what was wrong. This summer I hurt it in aerobics and never went to the doctor about it. Well, needless to say, Ihave a stress fracture. So, I'm wearing a boot with crutches. Boo! Hopefully I will be getting it off soon!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I have gotten so completely terrible at blogging these days. I haven't even posted any pictures of the boys in forever. So, If you are still loyal to checking out my blog, I will finally deliver. I decided to change somethings on my page tonight. I changed my layout and background. Unfortunatly, I lost some links to my friends pages. I hope I will get them back soon. I also added some new links. One, women of chc, is where I've been latily. I have gotten really involved in the women's ministry at church. I am a small group leader and a blog writer. I love it!
So, the pictures are things I stole from my mom's scrapbook page site. These are pages she's made but I thought it would be ok to post them since I haven't been taking any pictures. My camera is broken so I have been using my phone. I'll try to be unlazy and get some pictures of the boys up

The first picture is one of Kaden and me! All we seem to do these days is smooch! I love it! The second one is of Brady and the scooter he got for his birthday. He loves it. This is the only way to get him to go out side and play these days. He's so into playing the Wii that it's hard to get him outside to play. The last one is of me! I don't know what the reason was, but she scrapped me when I was six. Isn't that funny? Can you believe I was so blonde?

What have I blogged about this week? Maybe Kaden and the ER! Well, he's doing much better. His mouth is pretty swollen but he's eating and talking as normal! My foot is still in the healing process. I go to the doctor on Wednesday. I'm sure they will tell me I'm not taking care of it as I should. It still hurts pretty bad.

Tony is now in a band! They are awesome! They are called Dela Croix. It means "of the cross." They will be playing their first gig on Friday, October 24 at Higher Ground in Hernando. If you can make it that would be awesome!

I will try and be better about updating! I miss writing and love it so much!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Oh what a night! Nothing is more exciting than a long night at the ER. Yes, I said it...ER! Last night, we got home from church. Kaden got in the tub, as usual, and started playing. Kaden has two habits in the tub...jumping off the side into the water and crying wolf! Well, last night was no wolf cry! He jumped into the tub and bit through his lip. We didn't think much about it until he came streaking down the hall with a mouth full of blood. So, we got him dressed and headed to the children's hospital. After a two hour wait, we asked where we stood in line. We had 8 before us and they had only taken two back during that time. So, Tony decided to play the "I work at the hospital" card and we called Methodist South. They got us back with in 10 minutes and we were out of there in less than an hour! No stitches to report. Just a sore mouth and an antibiotic. I'm sure because he's a male person he won't have learned his lesson and we'll have many more trip to the ER in the future!