Thursday, October 09, 2008


Oh what a night! Nothing is more exciting than a long night at the ER. Yes, I said it...ER! Last night, we got home from church. Kaden got in the tub, as usual, and started playing. Kaden has two habits in the tub...jumping off the side into the water and crying wolf! Well, last night was no wolf cry! He jumped into the tub and bit through his lip. We didn't think much about it until he came streaking down the hall with a mouth full of blood. So, we got him dressed and headed to the children's hospital. After a two hour wait, we asked where we stood in line. We had 8 before us and they had only taken two back during that time. So, Tony decided to play the "I work at the hospital" card and we called Methodist South. They got us back with in 10 minutes and we were out of there in less than an hour! No stitches to report. Just a sore mouth and an antibiotic. I'm sure because he's a male person he won't have learned his lesson and we'll have many more trip to the ER in the future!