Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It's baseball time in Mississippi! This year Brady is playing coach pitch in the city of Hernando. At first he didn't want to play. He didn't like it last year playing t-ball because there was a lot of standing around. Well, Mrs. Hollie is coaching a team and she needed another player. She asked Brady if he wanted to play and he was excited to be on JW's team. So, here we are...the Bucks...hunter green and orange (not my pick!)...his first game! The team played on Friday but we were out of town. They won 21-11. Great way to kick off the season!
Before the game, I had to take a few pics of my handsome little man in his uniform!

Then we got to the field and they practiced for a while. Then when it was tome to play, Brady's team was up to bat first. He is third in the line-up.
Here's how the game works...the coach will pitch 4 balls to the kids. If they don't hit one of those, they get to hit it off the tee. Brady ended up hitting two off the tee and one from the coach! Great job on his first game!Daddy was the first base coach and kept score!
Here he is on third getting ready to head for home!And then there is this guy! Can you tell he's sad that he's not getting to play? I tried to keep him busy but all he wanted to do was run on the field. I did have him cheering "Go Bucks!" or more like "OH Buah". That was the best he could do!
Finally the time came to head for home! Of course he had to slide everytime! We need to work on this one!
So, the Bucks win again! 18-11! They are 2 and 0 for now.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

4/24/08 wait....Happy News!
On Saturday morning, we woke up and found out our dog had run away! We searched for her all day. Brady was so upset about this. He actually drew a picture of her and walked up and down the street looking for her and asking the neighbors over and over. One of my neighbors is a teacher with me and she said it was the saddest thing watching him.
So, until yesterday we had heard nothing. But then Tony got a phone call yesterday afternoon that some one had found her. We were so excited! And KAtie was excited to be home!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Last night I had one of those moments that you want to make sure and record so that you never forget it! I was reading a devotion...this is a new habit I'm trying to form...and Brady climbed up in my lap and asked me to read him a story from the bible I was using. So, I asked him what his favorite story was and I would read it to him. He said he likes the one where Jesus feeds the five thousand. So we read the story and he asked me to do another one. He said he wanted to hear about Jesus and the woman at the well. I'm so proud of his bible knowledge.
He slept with me last night because Tony is sick and wanted to sleep on the couch. He asked me if it was ok to pray scripture to God. I could have cired that was so sweet. So, we talked about why you pray scripture and how to do it! He prayed John 3:16 to God last night. more thing. After we read the stories, we talked about what they ment. We discussed what "living water" is and why we need it! He looked at me right before he went to sleep and said, "I love living water! I love to drink it. It's the best tasting water ever!!!!!"
I love sweet moments!