Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Last night I had one of those moments that you want to make sure and record so that you never forget it! I was reading a devotion...this is a new habit I'm trying to form...and Brady climbed up in my lap and asked me to read him a story from the bible I was using. So, I asked him what his favorite story was and I would read it to him. He said he likes the one where Jesus feeds the five thousand. So we read the story and he asked me to do another one. He said he wanted to hear about Jesus and the woman at the well. I'm so proud of his bible knowledge.
He slept with me last night because Tony is sick and wanted to sleep on the couch. He asked me if it was ok to pray scripture to God. I could have cired that was so sweet. So, we talked about why you pray scripture and how to do it! He prayed John 3:16 to God last night.
Oh...one more thing. After we read the stories, we talked about what they ment. We discussed what "living water" is and why we need it! He looked at me right before he went to sleep and said, "I love living water! I love to drink it. It's the best tasting water ever!!!!!"
I love sweet moments!


lori said...

That's such a sweet memory to cherish. My heart is smiling knowing your boys are growing up knowing and loving God!

Tippa said...

I have chill bumps after reading that! What a special memory!