Thursday, April 24, 2008

4/24/08 wait....Happy News!
On Saturday morning, we woke up and found out our dog had run away! We searched for her all day. Brady was so upset about this. He actually drew a picture of her and walked up and down the street looking for her and asking the neighbors over and over. One of my neighbors is a teacher with me and she said it was the saddest thing watching him.
So, until yesterday we had heard nothing. But then Tony got a phone call yesterday afternoon that some one had found her. We were so excited! And KAtie was excited to be home!


April S. said...

So you have to post the precious picture he took up and down the street so we can see it! Glad to hear that Katie made it home okay. We need to see new pictures of the boys too!

lori said...

So Glad Katie is back home.
I know how sad I would be if something happened to our crazy mutt. Give the boys hugs for me :)