Monday, December 29, 2008


I have been a scrapbooking psycho latily! Mom added a digitial scrapbook program to our new computer and I'm loving it! I have been posting my pages on a site but I thought I would post some of my favorites on my blog!

This is Brady and his teacher Mrs. Goff. He just adores her! He talks about her all the time and I am so grateful for what she has been teaching him this year! I love her because she loves Christ and it shows in how she loves her students! She is a wonderful teacher!

As you know I got a stress fracture earlier this school year. I had to document the 12 weeks I spent with this boot on! Yes, I blinged it out because I was tired of it being so ugly!
Tony and I at Chuck E Cheese! This is our expression when we are there!
This is my favorite page I've done so far because I love the colors!
Well, that's it for now! I have to go to the class I'm taking starts in 15 minutes! If you want to see more check out the page I was talking about!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I know it's a complete shock that I'm blogging on time. But we were just sitting here waiting to go to lunch and I thought I would post some pics from this morning.

As you can see, the boys racked up the loot this year! Brady woke up before everyone else. He quietly went to the living room and just sat looking at his presents while he waited on everyone else to wake up.
Kaden ended up in our bed sometime over night so we woke him up. We thought he'd run straight to the jeep but he went to the kitchen instead! He has been "cooking" for us all morning!

Brady had asked for so many things and was super excited to see that Santa got him a DS. He also got a new robe, Wii games, Connect 4, Battleship, a camera, a sleeping bag, and a race track.
Kaden got a Jeep, kitchen, laptop, Little People plane, an MP3 player, a robe, and a doctor's kit. I'm sure there are many more things I can't seem to remember right now!
I got a new iPOD and some gift cards. Tony got some Wii pajamas......
and a lot of other things!
Well, I have to get the kids ready to go to my aunt's house for round two!
have a Merry CHRISTmas and I'll add more later!

Monday, December 22, 2008


So, I have been waiting by the mail box everyday for the past week on my results from my test. As you know, I have taken the Praxis 2 six times and this test is the only thing that stands in the way of my teaching career. Well, today, I called the company and asked if I was ever going to get my scores. Well, come to find out they have been available online for more than a week now. No one ever told me they wouldn't be mailed anymore. So, I checked today, and.....drum roll please.....I PASSED! Whew! I can't believe that the sixth time is the charm. I am so grateful to God for passing this test!

I have tons of pics of the boys to post but I'm tied so I will do that tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I can't believe that Christmas is just a week away! Where has the year gone? Maybe before the year is over I will do a year in review blog. But for now, I will just update you on what's going on at the Pillstrom house. This week has been very eventful. We got out of school early on Monday because of the possibility of snow. We thought we would be out of school on Tuesday but to no avail! Tuesday night, we learned that Tony's grandma died. She was 90years old and lived a good Christian life. We are sad but also happy that she's now with Jesus and her beloved husband.
We will be traveling to the Fort this weekend for the funeral. I originally had planned on going to a cheer competition but we have learned that you must be flexible in life!
This weekend was our small group Christmas party. Kaden actually sat in Santa's lap and didn't freak out like last year. I'm sure you all remember the picture. So, here is a picc from this year.
I was so proud of him! I am also proud that he continues to do well with potty training as long as we stay on top of things. He will go if you make him but he's still too busy to tell us he needs to go. He usually tells you after the fact.

Here are the boys with Lanah. She is such a cutie. She's three and though you would think she would beKaden's girlfriend, and he thinks she is, she says that she's Brady's girlfriend. That's so sweet. She was looking at Brady but the picture snapped too late.

The of course, what would a blog be without a picture of the boys and me..taken by of! They love taking pictures like this.

In case I don't get the change to blog again before Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


I set a goal for this past summer that Kaden would Kaden would be potty trained before I went back to school. Unfortunatly, that didn't work out like I wanted. But he has been working hard to be potty trained because he wants to go to Cheesy Cheese (Chuck E Cheese). We took him last weekend and he had a blast. So, this week he has been really good about using the potty. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and today he has worn big boy undies and used the potty with no accidents. Until today, at church he had an accident. But none the less, I had to take some pics of him on the potty.

I know you probaby don't care but this is actually this morning and he poopooed in the potty. Of course, we had to sing and dance. Last night he got a tattoo for doing #2. I'm really proud of his progress.

These pictures are from last night. Kaden was on the arm of the couch looking so cute. Of course, by the time I got the camera out and took the picture, this is what I got. That boy! Brady had to mimic and his is perfect as always!