Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I can't believe that Christmas is just a week away! Where has the year gone? Maybe before the year is over I will do a year in review blog. But for now, I will just update you on what's going on at the Pillstrom house. This week has been very eventful. We got out of school early on Monday because of the possibility of snow. We thought we would be out of school on Tuesday but to no avail! Tuesday night, we learned that Tony's grandma died. She was 90years old and lived a good Christian life. We are sad but also happy that she's now with Jesus and her beloved husband.
We will be traveling to the Fort this weekend for the funeral. I originally had planned on going to a cheer competition but we have learned that you must be flexible in life!
This weekend was our small group Christmas party. Kaden actually sat in Santa's lap and didn't freak out like last year. I'm sure you all remember the picture. So, here is a picc from this year.
I was so proud of him! I am also proud that he continues to do well with potty training as long as we stay on top of things. He will go if you make him but he's still too busy to tell us he needs to go. He usually tells you after the fact.

Here are the boys with Lanah. She is such a cutie. She's three and though you would think she would beKaden's girlfriend, and he thinks she is, she says that she's Brady's girlfriend. That's so sweet. She was looking at Brady but the picture snapped too late.

The of course, what would a blog be without a picture of the boys and me..taken by of! They love taking pictures like this.

In case I don't get the change to blog again before Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


April S. said...

Sorry to hear about Tony's grandma. I know that can be hard, but she is in a much happier place having a ball up in Heaven!

You guys have a blessed CHristmas and maybe we can get together one day in the future....I sure miss talking to you and seeing you.