Monday, September 20, 2010

Soccer Time!!!

This weekend the boys had their first soccer games. Kaden had been counting the days until he got to wear his uniform and play some soccer. Brady had the early game and Kaden's was in the heat of the day. I uploaded the pics in the wrong order so sorry. But they are well worth viewing because I just love watching them play sports!

This one is by far my favorite of Kaden! It was right before the game started and he was so proud to be sitting on the bench! He actually played the whole game. The only time he stopped was when he noticed Brady eating nachos and had to run off the field a couple of times and get himself a snack! He also kept running the wrong way so I had Brady stand behind the goal and yell for him to kick the ball that way! It seemed to work and we might have to try it everytime! Kaden's team tied...even though they don't keep score!

I have to say this is the most awesome picture of Brady! He has gotten so big and I'm just so proud of him. Last night, Tony said, "I can't believe he'll be in middle school in 3 years!" Um...Hello? We're not talking about that right now! He's still my baby!

And of course, I had to move this one to the bottom. After playing the whole game, Kaden was just worn out! BTW...this was in the middle of the game! He just laid down and the kids were running over him! It was pretty cute! And he took an awesome 3 hour nap when he got home!