Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm 33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, here I am. I'm 33. I'm officially "mid-thrities." Wow! Where has the time gone. My birthday week has been a pretty busy one! As a matter of fact this is the first night I've been home since last Thursday. Man, 33 is tiring. Last Friday, Kim and I celebrated out birthdays together at the paint pottery place in Southaven. It was so much fun hanging out with the girls and so relaxing just sitting there for three hours painting!
April and I at the pottery place painting out polka dotted pottery!

Here's Kim and I in out matching shirts! I just love this design on my machine! It's so cute. I wore the shirt today to school and everyone loved it!
This is Amber and I! I love this girl! We work together, go to church together and have small group together! We've grown so close and I just thank God everyday for her friendship!

So, now on to the actual birthday! Can I just say being a teacher is awesome! My kids have been counting down for a month until my birthday! It's so funny how excited they all were that today was my birthday! The day started out with lots of hugs and kisses from Tony, Brady and Kaden. Who could ask for anything more, right? I get to school and kids start heading straight for my room! Here's a picture of all the loot I got today!

The flowers are from Tony and the boys plus I put the cards they gave me on my desk. I got a single rose from Brenda. Sammi gave me a "be mine" iced cookie. Jasmine gave me the rose and teddy bear and Casey gave me the cute heart bag full of candy.

This is my in my classroom with all my goodies! As you can see behind me everyone had to write me a note on the board! And of course, to go along with Valentine's Day we were watching Romeo and Juliet!
Then I came home to this! Two cuties and lots of candy. Kaden is the candy monster. From the time I picked him up he has eaten two hershey's kisses, two chocolate hearts, some of those candy hearts with the love notes on them, a blow pop, and he just ate dinner! We gave the boys these cute balloons. Kaden is kissing his frog right now as I'm typing! He's obsessed with the balloon. And of course no birthday would be complete without some silly faces!
So, here I am....33 years old. This has probably been the best birthday yet and I'm blessed to have gotten this far!

Happy Valentine's Day

I just wanted to post a Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday to me blog! I'm at school but I will post some pictures tonight of me and the boys from my birthday!!!!