Sunday, December 07, 2008


I set a goal for this past summer that Kaden would Kaden would be potty trained before I went back to school. Unfortunatly, that didn't work out like I wanted. But he has been working hard to be potty trained because he wants to go to Cheesy Cheese (Chuck E Cheese). We took him last weekend and he had a blast. So, this week he has been really good about using the potty. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and today he has worn big boy undies and used the potty with no accidents. Until today, at church he had an accident. But none the less, I had to take some pics of him on the potty.

I know you probaby don't care but this is actually this morning and he poopooed in the potty. Of course, we had to sing and dance. Last night he got a tattoo for doing #2. I'm really proud of his progress.

These pictures are from last night. Kaden was on the arm of the couch looking so cute. Of course, by the time I got the camera out and took the picture, this is what I got. That boy! Brady had to mimic and his is perfect as always!


April S. said...

YAY Kaden!!! He is well on his way! I hear that getting them to go #2 in the potty is the BIG obsticle in potty training, so if he is doing that then he is almost there! He probably got distracted at church today playing and didn't want to stop to potty.

Congrats on almost being done with diapers! Just think of the $$$$ you guys will save!