Sunday, October 12, 2008


In an effort to keep up on the blogging, I downloaded some pics from my phone to post. The first one is of Kaden a few weeks ago at the doctor's office. He learned how to use my phone that day and now I have tons of pictures of his feet and hands! The second pic is Brady and me on the first day of school! And the last one is Kaden one night when he fell asleep watching tv. Isn't it funny he would fall asleep with the cup in his mouth! He's such a redneck!

So, I realized that I mentioned my foot and didn't tell you what was wrong. This summer I hurt it in aerobics and never went to the doctor about it. Well, needless to say, Ihave a stress fracture. So, I'm wearing a boot with crutches. Boo! Hopefully I will be getting it off soon!