Sunday, February 18, 2007


The Festival of the Continents has arrived at our church! It's a week and a half long celebration of God's work across the globe! We pray for the lost in world and we get to learn about foriegn lands. Friday night we ate food from Cuba and Romania. What a combination.

(Brady at flag practice and the two of us Sunday morning at church)

(Brady dancing and carrying the flag)

Today, we heard a pastor from Cuba talk about spreading the news to the lost and we had a flag ceremony where we displayed flags from all over the world. This is a pic of Brady carrying the Brazil flag. He represented our friends the Isbell's who are missionaries in Rio. Check out their website. We love and miss them so much! Please pray for us this week. We will be going to many events and hosting 10 high school boys for our Passion Now weekend! I'm so excited.

The last pic is just cute of Kaden so I had to add it!