Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Well it's here! 32! Today I turned 32! I learned that I am exactly half my mother in law's age...and the same age she was when Tony was born! That means I will be her age when Kaden is Tony's age! Wow that's a lot to digest.
Today was an awesome day! I woke up to three awesome boys telling me how much they love me and Happy Birthday. I also had a couple of great appointments at work today and that was a great present.
Then tonight we had an amazing prayer night at church. We prayed over our missionaries and students. It was just awesome.
Thanks for praying for us today and all the well wishes!


Tippa Glover said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!! I thought about you on the 14th and got busy and did not call! Sorry!! Glad to hear it was an awesome day! See you soon!