Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today's Shopping Trip

I know you've been wondering how the couponing has been going! I have been organizing and clipping and purging for the past few weeks and I'm finally organized! Today, I went to Walgreens loaded with coupons and a list that was ready to save!
My first purchase, Dixie plates. They were $3.99 buy one get one free. I used two $.50 off coupons so the final cost for two was $2.99.

Next on the list, Off clip-on starter

This was a great buy! Normally $9.99 but on sale for $8.99. In the Walgreens coupon book, I used a $2 off plus a $2 off manufacturer cost $4.99.

Noxzema had a great deal this week. Razors on sale from $2.99- $5.99. Then on top of that, they were buy one get one free. I used a $2 off coupon on the $2.99 kind.

Had I had two coupons, I could have gotten them for free...but I could only find one so I ended up paying $.99 for two!

Lifesavers...not something I would spend money on normally but you know...if there's a deal...well. I used a buy one get one free coupon so that made them two for $2.29. Then in the Walgreens coupon book, I used a $1 off. Total cost for two...$1.29.

Last but not least...Scrubbing Bubbles. This was a great deal, too! The starter kit was on sale for $7.99 + $2 in register rewards = $5.99. I used a coupon for $5 off and ended up paying $2.99....but it's like paying $.99! I love that!

I got a few other things and used a register reward from the past and walked out paying only $8.24! I love it!