Sunday, December 11, 2005


15 days until Christmas! Today Brady was posing in front of the Christmas Tree and I was taking pics with our new camera. Isn't he so cute in his big boy clothes? I am really enjoying this holiday season with him. He's so excited about Santa coming and Christmas shopping. He's so ready to give daddy his present that he can't stand it. Last week he told Tony what we got him. Kid can't keep a secret.
Today we went to lunch and Brady tripped over Tony's shoe and fell. He had his hands in his coat picket and hit the tile floor face first. he busted his lip and I was afraid he broke a tooth. His teeth are ok but his lip is pretty swollen. I took this picture before the big fall!
Brady actually got to feel the baby move the other night. We were sitting in the chair and he was in between my legs with his head on my tummy. Just when he got comfortable Peanut kicked him in the head. Brady sat up...looked at me...and said "Peanut just kicked me in the head!" It was so funny.
I'm finally at 22 weeks! Wahoo! 17 weeks until vacation. I say vacation...others call it maternity leave. I plan to not think about work for the whole time I'm at home which makes it a real vacation!