Tuesday, December 13, 2005


12 days until Christmas and just 17 weeks until baby is born! Boy am I ready for both! I'm so tired these days and my back is still giving me fits! I go to the doctor on Friday and hopefully she'll have a solution for me other than pain pills. They aren't even working any more.
Baby is really getting active these days. He's moving as we speak and it's so cool to feel that! Tonight Tony and I are going to see Narnia. I'll give you my thoughts later this week! Brady is going to his buddy's house so we get a night with out the kid. We're meeting one of the girls in my small group and I'm glad to get the spend the time with her out side of church! She's a great kid.
I plan to finish my Christmas shopping this weekend and actually wrap all of my presents. I have the ones I bought wrapped. This is bothering me because I'm usually done shopping and wrapping by now! I guess I'll get over it eventually!
My trainer left for France today to visit her inlaws. She hasn't been there in 5 years and they haven't been here in 3. She was excited and I hope she has a great trip. Please pray for her and her husband's safety. They will be gone for a whole month!
I'm including yet another pic of Brady. He's such a cutie I feel I can't skip using another picture!