Friday, December 02, 2005


I had the most awesome dream last night! Pregnant dreams are so funny. I dreamed that I was at the hospital and I was holding the baby when Brady and Tony showed up. Brady was so excited to see his new little brother and he ran right over. We sat Brady in a chair and let him hold the baby for a few picutres. Brady was smiling so big and the baby looked up at him and smiled right back. Then I looked at both of them and they had the same face! Isn't that funny? I mean I'm hoping this one will look like Brady because he's so cute but they had the exact same face! Then when I got up this morning and was about to leave...i heard Brady making some noise and I looked over and he was cracking up in his sleep. Then he blew a kiss! I wonder what he was dreaming about! I'd love to get inside his head sometimes and just see what he thinks about! After a long...aweful day yesterday...this was a great way to start a Friday!