Monday, December 26, 2005


Well it's finally over! The big day has come and gone and Brady P enjoyed the whole thing! Today I'm posting the cutest pic. This is Jack Greer! He's my best friend's baby and this was his first Christmas. I could resist a cutie in a cowboy hat!
This weekend was tiring! Mom came to town and she was sick. I'm glad she was able to be here! Brady adores her. Santa visited our house late Saturday night and left Brady a lot of fun. He got a bike, a light brite, a cd player, some movies. Uncle PJ bought him a Doodle monster. Mom gave him a Disney Sketcher. It's like a doodle pad but computer. He's been playing with that all weekend! He even slept in his big boy bed because Santa asked him too!
Oh...yeah...Candyland! We've played that a million times.

As for peanut we finally have a name that I can share with you! Kaden Patrick Pillstrom. Brady chose Kaden, and Patrick is my brother's name. I'm really excited that we finally have agreed on something. I read online that his heart beat is strong enough that if you put an ear to my belly you could hear it! We haven't tried it yet but that is really cool. We're just 15 weeks away from D-Day and I can't wait! Christmas next year is going to be so awesome! Two sweet boys and plenty of presents from Santa I'm sure!