Friday, December 30, 2005


Well...Christmas is officially over at the Pillstrom house! Today Brady and I finished taking the Christmas tree down. Now we just wait until Tony has a day off to take the lights off of the house! I've given him a deadline! The good news of the day is that we finally decorated the bare wall in the living room! Let's see...we've lived here 1 year and one wall had nothing on it for that long! Dad got us a gift card from Kirkland's to buy two pics we wanted. They didn't have them last week when we went and we were pretty sad. Then we went back today and ended up buying something totally different! We got a mirror, 2 sconces, and an iron thing for the living room and three pictures for the kitchen! All for the same amount we were originally going to spend on two pictures! What a deal! Then to top off my day I got this really pretty bunch of flowers at Walmart that were 9.99 marked down to $3.00! What a day! Now I'm just really tired and my back is hurting pretty bad!
Brady is fighting a cold this week. We're planning to take it pretty slow this weekend and sleep a lot! I don't want to start the new year off tired! Well that probably won't actually happen but it could! In case I don't get around to updating the site this weekend have a very Happy New Year!