Thursday, December 15, 2005


Tonight Brady and I have been making snowflakes on the computer. Mom sent me a website that you can make a snowflake and send it to someone! I'm not sure the sending part works but Brady and I have been enjoying seeing how creative we both are!
I'm suffering from indigestion. I didn't have it at all last time but for some reason when I eat I'm feeling yucky. And I'm hungry a lot. I know that happened last time because I gained so much weight.
I go to the doctor on Friday and I'm hoping to get some relief for my back. That reminds me I need to take my medicine before I head off to bed.
Only 11 days until Christmas. I'm going to finish my shopping on Friday I hope and we also have to order mom a Birthday cake. You know her b-day is the same as Jesus!
I had every intention of making tonight's blog all about the new Narnia movie but I'm just too tired. I'll get to that later!