Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Well here it is...the count down until Christmas. I sit here checking my email and find one from a dear friend who sends out a weekly reflection to the girls she mentors. Today she reminds us to "Rejoice in the Lord." Isn't it funny how we get so tangled up in the world that we just forget something so simple as rejoicing in the Lord. I have been so caught up in the "why me's" lately that I haven't stopped and "Rejoiced in the Lord".
I will rejoice in the Lord while I'm pregnant for sure. I'm still suffering pain in my back but really enjoying the time first thing in the morning when I wake up and Little Pillstrom is very active. He's starting to move a lot in the day and it's great. Brady is all about being a big brother. This morning he woke up...gave me a hug and kiss...and said he had to give peanut one too! how cute is that?