Tuesday, November 22, 2005


What a wonderful day! Today Brady and his class celebrated Thanksgiving with a party at school! It was so cute watching the kids tell Ms. Kim what they were thankful for. Brady said he was thankful for Jesus. I'm thankful that Brady knows who Jesus is.
Today was Brady's Grandma's birthday. Though he wouldn't sing to her on the phone he did sing in the car. We sent her flowers and Brady was really excited about that.
Also today was a great day because I'm really starting to feel baby Pillstrom move a lot. I'm really excited about that. We still haven't decided on a name. We have some great ideas just nothing for sure.

I have a prayer request tonight. A friend of mine sent me an email about her friend today. The friend was pregnant with twins. This week she lost one of them and they had to do a c-section to save the other one. He's 26 weeks and survived but he needs a lot of prayer. Thank you for being so awesome to pray for my friends.