Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I have been extremely blesses this week and I just couldn't wait to share it with all of you! First of all and simple prayer request has taken the pain out of my back for two days! Then after a visit with an old friend this weekend I got to talk to another old friend on Sunday. It was awesome!!!! She and I used to party together and I learned that she is going to church and even in the choir which is where she belongs! She's an awesome singer! I know that God has changed me in the past few years and I'm glad to see he's working in my friends lives too! Tonight I had a jewelry show and I was really tired and didn't want to go. He always puts us somewhere for a reason! The hostess and I got to spend some quality time and it was nice to talk to someone with out having to compare kids or talk about work. I just got to relax and hear how God is working in her life! That's why I feel he lead me to Premier.
I haven't heard much from baby Pillstrom today other than the occasional kick here and there. I was told that pregnant Tobie is now saying some shocking things. Like the truth. I can't be bogged down by stress from my job any more! I will put God first then my family and then my job. Some people don't understand that but He does and that's all that matters!
2 days until dad comes to town and 4 until we can name this kid something!
I'm thinking a pink and brown room if it's a girl. I have this ribbon with leopard print that is pink and brown and i love it! I think that might be the way I"ll go. Or just something blue!
Today's pic is from the collection of Brady the spider. Please don't be scared he's just making a face!


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