Monday, November 28, 2005


It's back to the grind after two long weekends with the parents. Thanksgiving was fun and I need a day off to recuperate. Brady loved spending the weekend with his Paw Paw Jim, Gamma and Uncle PJ. He followed Paw Paw Jim all over the place wearing the boots he got him. He looked so cute in the cowboy boots and he acted like such a big guy in them. Yesterday mom and I took Brady to have his Christmas pictures taken. They were so cute. For the first time I actually got a christmas background. I usually get something neutral but I let him pick out the back grounds he wanted and he had so much fun doing it!
I think baby Pillstrom had a good thanksgiving too. He has been much more active the past couple of days and I love it. I can actually feel him if I put my hand on my tummy. Tony hasn't felt him yet but I'm not sure he knows what he's looking for. I'm suffering from really bad back pain. It's starting to go into my left leg and making it hard for me to walk. This happened last time but I think it's much worse now. Please pray for me that I will be able to continue to work during this next 20 weeks. Oh yeah...I'm 20 weeks now! Half way there! Wahoo.
I'm posting a pic of Brady and Uncle PJ from this weekend. Can you believe how much my brother has grown?