Saturday, November 26, 2005


Black Friday!
It's one of my most favorite days of the year. All the crazy people come out just to find some bargains...and mom and I are right in the middle!
Our day started at 4am when we woke up and got ready to shop til we dropped. 1st Kohl's then Target and I'm proud to say I got everything I wanted that was on sale.
Others were not so lucky. A lady behind us at Kohl's said her cousin was at WalMart where tv's were on sale for like $50. The girl was trying to get a tv and two people were fist fighting. A man punched her in the face while trying to punch another lady. How crazy are these people?
Needless to say we were done by 8am and home asleep by 8:30!
Amazing... the past few years I was able to go all day. Baby on board makes me more tired!
Tonight at Judi's house baby was bouncing around like he is in a moon bounce. Judi tried to feel him but of all kids they stop performing when someone is looking! It's so weird...he pushes his head up against my belly button and you can actually feel his head if you touch my tummy!
Oh...just incase you were wondering...Brady is sleeping in his big boy bed and he got his Tigger toy today. Wahoooo!