Monday, November 07, 2005


Brady and I are sitting here watching the Titanic. He said he would like to ride on that boat! He hasn't seen the end yet! :) I love having a 3 year old who talks like he does. Tonight we were riding in the car talking about everything God made. "Who made the sun...moon...grass..." And I asked him where God lives. He said Hernando. I said yes he does. But he also lives in our hearts. Brady said, "no silly that's peanut living in your belly." Where does he come up with this stiff. I can't make this up!
Speaking of peanut, he/she was not very busy today. A little kick here and there. Pretty quiet. Only 11 more days until we find out if we'll be buying pink or blue. I'm pretty excited. My dad will actually get to go to the appointment with us and so will Brady. Last time mom and Ouida were with us to find out Brady was a boy.
I have a few prayer requests: My back is hurting really bad and causing me not to be able to sleep. Please pray for my girlfriends: Lori, Amy and Rachel. They are all struggling with health issues and could use the prayer!
I hope you had a blessed day!
Oh in case you're wondering, this is Brady and Kiera our neighbor. This picture was taken on Halloween.


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