Wednesday, November 09, 2005


It still amazes me the ups and downs of pregnangy. I wake up this morning feeling fine...this afternoon back hurts and headache. I'm not too sure about all of this. The good news is that apparently you forget how aweful you feel during pregnancy. If you didn't you'd never have more than one! Even though I feel bad today I'm still enjoying peanut moving a lot today. He/she seems like it's getting more active. I love that. The baby movement is my most favorite part of this whole process. I also like Brady's interest in a new baby. Last night Brady told me that he and peanut were going to share his big boy bed. I'm pretty sure that will all change when the baby actually gets here.
I'm counting down the days until we find out what we're having. I can't wait to go shopping. Mom and I always go shopping the day after Thanksgiving and I'm excited to buy some baby stuff on sale! Let's hope that Peanut wants us to know it's identity.
That's enough for today!


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