Thursday, November 24, 2005


It's finally here! Thanksgiving and Brady P is excited. Gamma and Paw Paw Jim got into town last night and Brady showed off for about an hour before he passed out! This morning we're cooking dinner and waiting for the family to get here. Uncle PJ is coming from Texas and his flight was canceled this morning after he woke up at 4am to get here on time. So he's sitting at the airport waiting for the next flight. Dinner will be delayed a little bit because we want to wait on him but that's ok. I'm just excited that he's coming! Brady and Gamma are cracking pecans for the chocolate chip cookies that they are about to start making. Mom makes the best cookies and I can never make them as good as she does. I'm cooking the dressing and some other things. But right now I'm sitting here writing and watching my favorite movie...My Fair Lady. There's just something about this movie that gets me in the holiday mood. I guess because when I was in college I used to have to work the day before and after Christmas and I would always rent this movie because I would be home alone and it's a long movie. Oh the memories!
I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving and make sure you let those you're most thankful for know they are important to you!
God Bless you all!