Tuesday, June 16, 2009

His Big Day!

Since birth, this child

has looked up to his big brother. He is always carrying around old trophys that Brady has earned. He has played base ball with everything he could get her hands on. It didn't matter. He just wanted to play baseball like his big brother and win a trophy!

His big day came today!

Kaden's first t-ball season was so uneventful it was almost nonexistant! I mean seriously! Nine games were scheduled. 6 were rained out! Two were played while we were out of town....and that leaves ONE big game that he has played to this day! Yes! $65 dollars plus the cost of the shorts and lettering on his uniform and the poor kid got to play one game! It makes me so mad but doesn't seem to bother Kaden! He's had practice and got to wear his uniform a few times. He gets to be the bat boy at his brother's games and he got to play one himself! And the best part...He got his very own TBall trophy!

Here the little star is with his best guy friend. Remember Reagan is his BEST friend! Kaden and Hayden, six days apart, were on the same team and were so proud tonight to be honored in front of their family and team mates!

BTW...he is SUPPOSED to play a make up game tomorrow (Tuesday). I hope that happens because he will be the happiest little guy in all of Mississippi!