Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer is Awesome

There's nothing like a relaxing day by the pool to make a girl feel like a million bucks! Or at least give her a great tan! Today, we opened our new pool (kiddie pool from a box), and invited over the hot chicks to come hang out.

Ok...maybe it was just one chick...and I'm not sure "hot" is the most appropriate way to describe her since she's just five months old! But in her defense, it was really hot outside!

But not so hot that she wanted to be splashed by the boys playing in the pool. I love spending time with this little cutie! I'm not sure if I have introduced her on my blog, this is Arabella Klayre better known as Belle! She is just the cutest, chunkiest thing I have ever seen! In fact, she is so cute she is starting a new trend...baby back fat! While you may feel having little pudges hanging over the top of your swimsuit not so appealing. Belle makes it look adorable! So much so, she is starting a new trend! Back pudge is the new skinny! If you don't already have some, then I suggest you get busy! It's all the rage!
And speaking of all the rage...sweaty baseball boys will never go out of style!

If you don't already have one of these, then you are missing out! Baseball season has finally come to a close and tonight was an amazing one for the books! In the first game of our night, Brady caught a line drive in the air! Yes, I said it...in the air! He got a double play out of that one! They didn't win the tournament, but that didn't matter! With a play like that? Man...just think of the possibilities!

I didn't get one of the play today, these were taken a couple of weeks ago! He looks so serious and like such a big boy! I'm super proud of my boys!

So, the season has come to an end...now we can just chill in the evenings and hang out by the pool during the day!