Saturday, June 13, 2009

In an effort to catch the world up on the happenings of the Pillstroms, I am finally posting the final days in Texas!
The Saturday before we left, we wanted to see PJ one more time! So, we headed to the Farmer's Market in downtown San Antonio to meet hime! He's such a neat guy to be around! I love that every Saturday, he gets up early to visit the Market for fresh local veggies to serve that day! That is dedication! I mean, he probably doesn't get home until really late on Friday nights!

Here's PJ choosing dill.
Then Brady helping him choose from the most popular tent at the Market!
They had baby eggplant that PJ wanted.

After the Farmer's Market, we headed to the River Walk. We have been here a million times but it's always fun to see the kids reactions to all the different things.

Here the boys are chilling on a bench to humor their mother so I can get a good picture!

Before we took a tour on the boat...of course, we had to stop by the Alamo to get a pic! Kaden was mad because he wanted to go inside. Maybe next year! I don't think they are ready for a visit from Kaden!

Mom is going to kill me, but this was the only picture I got of her and the boys while we were in Texas! Kaden was super excited to ride the boat. Brady on the other hand, was hot and said he was done about half way through the tour! Oh well!

While we were on the boat ride, we saw a momma duck with her babies! Kaden was so excited! We ended up seeing them three times and I kept trying to get a good picture. He didn't care...he just wanted to be in the picture with them!

A trip to the River Walk wouldn't be complete without a visit to the boys favorite restaurant...The RainForrest Cafe! Brady made me move a bunch of chairs around so he could be a giraffe!
Fast forward to today! after watching his friends lose teeth all school year...It's finally his turn!

Does this look like a kid who is ready?

Let's back up....Brady starts complaining that his loose tooth is bothering him! So, I run and get the camera....

And Tony tells him that he wants to check things out!

Needless to say...the tooth is still hanging on! He said if he knew it was this aweful he would have never wanted to try to lose a tooth!
So no visit from the tooth fairy tonight!


HeathahLee said...

I would LOVE to go to San Antonio. I have never been anywhere in TX except driving through the stinky part in the Northern part of the state. I say stinky because that's all I remember of it...the highway split a cattle place (there were WAY too many cows and it was WAY too stinky for me to call it a ranch. I don't really know what to call it) and that was the worst smell I had EVER smelled! :P

I SO need to see more of the state! : )