Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Help Me! Help Me!

I just learned how to make my own background! I love it! Still looking for a name! I made the banner with this alliteration (because I'm an English teacher) and I'm not sure if this is what will stick!

I have been a blogger for nearly 4 years now and I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm just a little too boring! I mean, I have great stories to tell. And my journalism teachers would agree that I'm a pretty good writer. But My blog isn't attractive! I look at all these blogs with cute names and cool headers. I love the little buttons that my friends are starting to make. And I'm a little jealous. So, I'm asking for your help! Help me come up with a name for my little makeover! I have no prizes and no incentives. Just a little love, prayer and lots of praise the the gal that will help me! So, leave a comment of what you think would be a great name for my blog.


HeathahLee said...

Tobie! I'm so proud of you! It looks great! I'll have to think a while on your name, but I like what you've got so far! : )