Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Fort, The 4th, and The Family!

Yes, I know...it's taken me forever to post about our trip to Fort Smith. For those who don't know, Tony's family lives in Fort Smith, AR. Actually, that's where Tony and I met many moons ago! This year, we decided to forgo our favorite 4th of July bash at the Ray's and head "back home" the the Fort. Five days and not a lot planned. (Well, I planned to hang with my BF for the first time in forever!) The first real day we were there, we just hung out at the pool with our niece and nephew. The kids had a blast! IE. Brady (look at those bones...his mom should feed him!) jumping off the ladder!

And what day at the pool isn't complete without someone throwing a baby!

Seriously! Tony and Kaden thought this was so fun! Kaden would hold the foot ball and Tony would throw him! I was crazy enough to take a picture but trust me...this came after many comments from me! As a matter of fact, I told Tony I knew exactly what I would write on my FB status if Kaden flew out of the pool. Tony asked if I would write "Tobie is a widow!" The answer....YES!

On to more events! My BF and I actually got to hang and go to dinner! Usually, I don't get to spend time with her because we are so busy with the family! But that was my main goal this trip! 5 days meant I was making time to see her! And I'm glad I did!

The 4th came around and of course I made the boys dress alike!

And they even slowed down just enough for me to snap one pic with Grandma!

We had a great time in the Fort and are looking forward to his family visiting at the end of the month! I am so glad to be home and now we're trying to get back into the swing of things!

BTW...three full weeks of summer left before I have to head back to school! That went by so quick but I'm pretty sure I accomplished almost everything on my list! Well, except cleaning out all of the junk in the house! Oh...and tiling my bathroom! Oh well! I'll get around to it eventually!