Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Before school let out for the summer, I had great intentions to make some improvements in my life. One of those included home improvements! I had a pretty long list that would have kept anyone busy the entire time off. I wanted to restain my cabinets, tile around the bath tub, clean the carpets, and clean out everyone's room. Well, as good as my intentions were, I found that the majority of my time was spent at school working with the dance team. About three weeks ago, I started praying that God would show me what in my life needed to stay and what HAD to go. I love how God works because when you will receive! Even if it's not the way you hoped!

I tell you this to say when God cleaned out my schedule...he REALLY CLEANED out my schedule! I quit teachinng aerobics two weeks ago and last week, I stopped sponsoring the dance team. (That's another story for another day!)

Since God was getting the "clutter" out of my life, I felt it was time to get the CLUTTER out of my house! On Monday, Amber and I took on cleaning Brady's room. After we finished we remember we didn't take a before or after pic.

So, last night, I took these of Kaden's room.

Now please don't think I let him live like that always. I try to clean his room every couple of weeks, I'm not going to lie! But what's different this time is that I actually filled 2 1/2 trash bags to throw away and three boxes for the yard sale. I condensed his toy box shelf down to two plastic bins to put under the bed. And I moved his bed to fill in the space that always seemed to be the catch all.
So, this is what it looks like now!

I'm super proud of this project because I did it by my self! Amber has been sick the past two days which forced me to let go of things I wouldn't normally let go of! It was very theraputic! He loves his "new" room. That's one thing about my kids....they mess up their rooms and never play in them. I have seen Brady since Monday because he loves being in his clean room. Kaden is playing cars in his room as I type and I'm thinking he loves it too!


Msippi said...

Looks great!

April S. said...

Way to go!! I have a few rooms (aka....EVERY room in my house) that need some major decluttering...just let me know what days are good for

just did awesome! Keep up the great work.

HeathahLee said...

I am now inspired. Kiddo's room ALWAYS looked like a wreck, even with having a chest of drawers, a plastic 3-drawer bin, AND a toy box, not to mention book shelves and a computer desk. We could hardly move in there, even when it was clean, which it NEVER was. Now that he and Sound Man have finished the loft bed, Kiddo's deer head is hung (yea!), and his shelves are up, we are going to start weeding out the stuff that HAS TO GO! Oh, and all that stuff listed up there? That's not counting his huge toy box and ANOTHER three drawer bin in the playroom/office. Can you say only child? : )

Vicki said...

Do you think God had a purpose in taking Amber out of your life (for a few days) to show you that you could do it yourself?