Friday, July 10, 2009

Boys Will be Boys

So, no pics today just a great little lesson of "Hey Lady! Watch your children!"

We skipped dance team practice this morning to enjoy a little rest. Actually, the boys begged me not to go all week so I made a deal of not going two days! So, we all slept in this morning! 8am! Wahoo! Then after sitting and holding Kaden for like 45 mintues (I couldn't help myself! He never lets me do that!) We finally get up and get dressed. While I was looking up lesson plans online, I notice that my children have started jumping off the arm of the couch. Next thing I know, Kaden is rolled up in a ball screaming! I'm totally thinking to myself, great we're headed to the er for a break or I guess I should have been watching them a little better. I get tohim and realize he has jammed his finger. He can bend it but cried everytime he used it! Well, what can I do but just hold him and let him cry it out!
The good news is we went swimming this afternoon and apparently it's all better! Well, i will find out when he wakes up! We got home at 4:30 and he konked out! I love those days when we play hard and the kids are tired. When we don't have those days, I just take them to dance team practice and "encourage" them to run with the girls! Those are really nice nap days!
So, boys will be boys right?


HeathahLee said...

Kiddo managed to hit his head in the very same spot at least once a year. I was always so scared he was going to do permanent damage. :)

Sarah Mae said...

Something special for you...come visit me tomorrow... ;)

Vicki said...

I love your new look and title! I just read your comment to me...I have had something heavy on my heart for the past week that I will write about very soon so I have been preoccupied with that subject and seeing how God was working. About your question....I am no MckMama...and wouldn't Amber be surprised. I would need to pray about the opportunity. What is the theme? Go to my profile and email me.

Anonymous said...

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