Monday, July 20, 2009

Not My Child! this week I am participating in MckMama's "Not MY Child" Monday. You can click on the button above to read more about MckMama!

So, let's see...I could post forever about the things my child(ren) didn't do! Where shall I start?

The other night, Brady and I were laying in bed talking. He asked about when Daddy asked me to marry him. I tell him the story and ask him if he wants to know about the day he was born! Of course he said yes and to the story I went. At the end of the story, I tell him that when the pediatrician came in to weigh him and check him out that he peed on the doctor. Not once but twice! And my clever child says to me ,"I knew I got my talent from somewhere!" Really? My child would never think that "peeing" was a talent! I know I have taught him better than that!

Now to the other little monster that lives in my house! He has this obsession with "pooting". It's got to be a guy thing because I never sit around and talk about it unless I'm listening to my children! And of course, my child would NEVER have these conversations in public! But I have to say the one thing that I did NOT witness my child do this past week was this....We went to dinner at a restaurant on the square. I know it's tough for a little guy to eat out when it doesn't happen that often. And of course he would never stand up in his chair and yell "Pizza! Pizza!" until his food arrived no matter how much we did not get on to him and we surly didn't threaten to beat him if he didn't stop! Needless to say, he got the pizza and really did not get a spanking!


Msippi said...

Not my sweet baby boy!