Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Ok, really? I haven't blogged since November 10th! I've been so crazy busy and I haven't even taken the time to keep you all up to date on what amazing things have been going on around here! First, a couple of pictures. I've recently posted a bunch on my facebook so I will just put my two most favorites from the past few days.

I mean seriously...look at those faces! Can you believe how fast they are growing up? The other day, Brady and I were talking about which college he wanted to go to. He, of course, said the University of Arkansas because that's where his daddy went. And as long as he gets a scholarship...he can go anywhere he wants. I've often thought of teaching him how to take the ACT and seeing what he would score in third grade. Could you imagine? If he did well, we would be in the money for sure!
Kaden on the other hand, woke up yesterday morning looking like he'd been in a fight. He swears he got the black eye when he scraped his face on the driveway playing basketball but I know that's not the truth! 1. It had been raining so he hadn't played basketball and 2. it's more like a fingernail scrape rather that concrete! That boy can tell some tall tales! I need to start logging them and publish a book!
Speaking of that...I've recently thought I'd love to be a ghost writer for books. I wonder how you get that job!

As for Baby China, well we are still waiting. We sent our dossier to the Chinese Embassy (in D.C) three weeks ago. Apparently there was something wrong with our Arkansas paper work and we had to have it over nighted to be corrected. Now with the stinking holiday, we are just waiting for that paper work to get back to us! Once we get it, we can send it to HOLT and they will send it to China. Then we wait for a Log In Date (LID) and once we get that, we can be matched. Oh, then there's the Chinese New Year at the beginning of February so I'm sure that will delay us some too! I just keep telling myself that God is timing this out just perfectly. Telling myself that and being patient while HE does that is two seperate things all together.

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions but this year I am vowing not to be this weight when we go to China. I'm on day three with no Coke Zero. That in its self is amazing! We will see how it pans out!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing from your heart about your family and your journey to Baby China.

Tammy said...

Hey, Tobie! I love your blog! If you get DTC while I'm in China, e-mail me. I want to know!! :)