Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Pics!

We were so excited last week that on Sunday afternoon, it started to snow! We knew we would have a snow day because it was crazy out there! When we woke up Monday morning...thisis what we found! We had a good 4-5 inches of snow this time! And it wasn't yucky was fluffy, pretty snow!
Of course the kids couldn't wait to get out in it! Mr. "I think I'm so funny" pulled this right off the bat!
Kaden had been waiting since last year to make a snow angle! He was so happy and this was the first thing he did when he walked out. Of course, Brady couldn't be left out!

After playing in the yard and down the street with Kaden's best friend, some of the big kids in the cove decided they wanted to go sledding. Of course, Brady and Kaden wanted in on that action too!

This only lasted about 30 minuted before we were all too cold to move! The boys came in and took a hot bath to warm up and then a few hours later went back out for round two! I stayed inside under a blanket! One time in the cold was enough for me!
We ended up staying home from school two days. It was a blast and the kids LOVED it! Now, I'm hoping we don't get anymore snow days because we will have to make up the school days at the end of the year!

Oh, I also checked the status of our paperwork and it said it will be delivered on Monday. However, Monday is a holiday so it looks like they will get it at HOLT on Tuesday! Pray for quick processing! I'm ready to see what Lynleigh looks like!