Sunday, January 16, 2011

Science Project

Because we are such procrastinators, we are working on Brady's science project that is due on Tuesday. He's chosen math probability so obviously, this was a project for his daddy and not me! I am the creative one that will help put it all together on the board. Tony had to help with the math part, which included making graphs and all that!

Brady choose "Tricky Dice" as his topic. It was pretty interesting to watch. Basically, he rolled the dice 100 times and his hypothesis was that he thought a sum of 8 would appear the most time. In our case, the sum of 7 appeared the most. I also learned that 10, 11, and 12 appeared the least! Interesting! It was kind of like Bunco but with out the laughs and prizes!!!! Here are a few of the pictures we will be putting on the project board.

I just love this picture! I told you...I'm the creative one. I think it's so cool how his reflection is on the table. Ok...I know I'm lame but I'm still impressed with this one!

Despite being sick this weekend, I'm glad to have had a project to keep us busy. I've been reading so many books that I haven't had any kind of craft project since before Christmas. I'm thinking about working on some blankets that I started a while back. My mom and I decided that we would make blankets for me to take to Lynleigh's orhpanage when we go. I'm not really good at it but I'm thinking about taking a crocheting class or something! Please continue to pray for Baby China and of course I will keep you posted on when we get that LID!


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