Friday, January 14, 2011

Baby China Update

So, we're waiting! That seems to be the common thing about adoption! We finally received out dossier back from the Embassy last week and got it in the mail before the snow started. It should have arrived at our organization today. Tony has the tracking info and he's still at work. I'm going to have him look it up as soon as he gets home! Once our info gets there, they will check it to make sure it is accurate and then it ships to China! I seriously feel like this process has taken forever even though it's not yet been a year! Once it gets to China, they will give us a Log In Date (LID)and when we get that, we can be matched. There is no guarntee on time when it comes to matching. We have asked for special needs that include cleft lip/palate, hearing impaired, and allergies/asthma. I feel in my heart that because we have asked for those things, it won't take long.

Now comes the time to step up our prayer! We will have a big chunk of money come up when we get a match and I know God is going to provide it HE just hasn't revealed how yet! We are praying for many things for Baby China...her family that had to give her up, her care that she is getting right now, the broken heart she will probably have when she is torn away from everything she's ever known and given to complete strangers (us), and quick bonding once we get her!

We are also praying for our friends the Pinnow's. They are currently in China getting their little girl Sophie right now. You can read about their journey right HERE! I will keep you posted on the process and when we get our LID!!!!


Rachel said...

Loved reading your post about baby China ... it brings such joy to my heart to hear how God is bringing you closer to your child. We will be praying for you. Love ya...