Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm sitting here on a Sunday afternoon waiting on small group to start. Not much has been going on around here except that we had yet another snow day last week! I didn't take any pictures because: 1. the novelty has worn off and 2. I didn't bother going out side! Brady lasted about 20 minutes and Kaden played for about 45. Now the poor little guy has a runny nose and cough. I'm anticipating that the nose will turn into an ear infection by the end of the week. I'm pretty good at knowing these kinds of things with Kaden as my kid.

We have lots of big plans in the works around here. Nothing new on Baby China though. I'm going to call tomorrow and see if our dossier was sent to China. They send them on Fridays so I'm hoping that it's in the mail! Meanwhile, Kaden is dying to go to Disney. We started a Disney fund last week. So, on top of paying for an adoption, we are also saving for Disney. Don't get all excited though...we are saving change not big bills! The big bucks are still going towards bringing Lynleigh home!

We are also trying to figure out what we will do with five people in our house. We are thinking about starting to work on the house and get it ready to put on the market. That is a long way off but for some reason my children keep growing (out of their clothes) and we are going to need some more space when a third human moves in! We will stay in Hernando because we love it here but just need more square footage! That's the long term/two year goal. We'll see how it goes!

Oh, I am also making blankets to take to China when we go. They will be our gift to the orphanage. So far this weekend I've made half of a granny square blanket! It's been so relazing to crochet and not read! And laugh if you must...I learned how to make granny squares on you tube! I'll post a pic when I get it done!