Saturday, January 02, 2010


My friend died on New Year's Eve. Her name was Michelle Feltman and I'm still in shock that it even happened.

Earlier this week, Michelle broke her ankle in two places. She was in Alabama when it happened so she rushed home to have surgery. I went to see her on Wednesday night to take her family dinner. She was scheduled for surgery the next morning. According to her husband, surgery went great. She was able to come home and was resting. The last time she spoke to anyone was around 5:15 that evening. Her daughter went in to see her and she sat up and asked for some food. I stopped by the house at 6 to take her little girl to the church New Year's Eve celebration. About 7pm, we got a call that her husband was on his way to the ER because when he went to check on her, she wasn't breathing and was cold to the touch. Despote their best efforts, Michelle went to live with the Lord that night.

Tony and I were priviledged to keep her little girl (age 8) at our house the rest of New Year's Eve. Her daddy wasn't ready to give her the bad news so we kept smiles on our faces and played games and watched the count down. The next morning, Tony took her little girl home and stayed at the house with them for about an hour. During this time, her daddy told her that her mommy had gone to Heaven.

My heart is so broken right now. I'm not usually one that gets upset over death unless it's a child or baby. I think that the shock of it was that she was healthy and ok. I think it's easier to accept when a person is old or sick. But when someone is your age and healthy, it's hard to grasp.

I'm praying for Jamey and Brenna. I know that God will take care of them and heal their pain over time. Please join me in prayer for this family.


Tippa Glover said...

Oh Tobie. I am so sorry to hear about this. Incredibly sad, sudden, and shocking. I will praying for comfort for you and her family.